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PC desktop and laptop repair in Derby, based in Shelton lock and providing IT services for residential customers and small businesses at competitive prices.

My name is Chris and I have worked as an independent PC repair technician since 2013. Specialising in Microsoft Windows OS desktop and laptops, I provide a wide range of services for everyday home PC users, schools and small businesses around Derbyshire.

I am self employed and choose to work from my home based workshop/office. This allows me to spend time on-site during repairs, as well as collect and return equipment from customers’ homes or premises.

Avoiding the usual costs and overheads in running a shop means I can pass this reduced cost onto the customer, resulting in cheaper prices for repairs and services, and also allowing me to provide a home callout, collect & return service.

Repairs & Services

Desktops & custom builds – Overheating issues, fan cleaning & heat-sink thermal paste re-application, motherboard replacements, PSU power supply issues, high performance custom builds (start to finish or existing PC), ram & GPU upgrades, HDD & SSD hard drive upgrades & replacement.

Laptops & notebooks – Keyboard replacements, screen/display replacement, overheating issues, fan cleaning & heat-sink thermal paste re-application, DC power repair, HDD & SSD 2.5 hard drive upgrade & replacement, ram upgrades.

Windows operating system repairs – Non booting, registry issues, stuck in startup update/upgrade loop, blue/black screen of death, Windows 10 upgrades and new installations, new PC setup, general software/application issues.

PC Health Check

PC Upgrades

Virus Removal

Data Backups


Windows Upgrades

Here at Computer Rescue Derby we pride ourselves on the professional and friendly support we provide to our customers during and after each repair. why not get in touch and have a chat with us today.

Health check-up service for your desktop PC
 – We recommend computers have annual health check-ups, ensuring all Microsoft Windows patches and virus definitions are currently up-to date as well as checking all drivers and software are performing correctly, we will physically clean the case fans and re-seat the heatsink applying new thermal paste to ensure your desktop runs at its correct temperature and maintains optimal performance.

Desktop PC Troubleshooting – If your computer is randomly freezing/crashing or taking longer periods to switch on or perform basic tasks, we can help. Over several years we have gained valuable experience in solving these types of issues, we can collect your equipment if you are based in Derby and run diagnostic software and other checks over a period of days to help identify the cause of the problem, this could be as simple as replacing faulty hardware or correcting corrupt user software and registry files, rest assured we will strive to identify and resolve the issue.

Operating system installation & driver issues – Microsoft Windows is great but sometimes a conflict with hardware or other software can cause headaches, we have the tools and expertise to quickly identify the problem and get your computer back up and running with minimal fuss, so if your running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 get in touch today.

PC Virus, Spyware, Malware & Ransomeware removal in Derby – In the unfortunate event your computer has become infected with a virus or other type of malware, the best solution is for our computer technician to perform a full removal of malicious content from your computers hard drive, this will involve scanning to identify the the threat and then securely removing the dangerous files, we can also try to recover any lost data using the leading recovery software and tools. Once resolved we will advise you on the best way to protect your computer going forward.

Hardware replacement & PC upgrades – The best thing about a desktop computers over laptops is the ability to upgrade the key components over time, this is due to having more space inside the PC case and the fact they are designed to evolve with the latest technological demands, this means its simple to increase the file storage capacity by simply slotting in a new hard drive, for gamers who run high spec gaming rigs or businesses using demanding visual software we can recommend and install a suitable graphics card, we can also install new power supply units (PSU), extra ram and even new motherboards and processors (CPU) to help future-proof and optimise your existing desktop computer.

Data recovery & file/image backup – It is vital to keep a hard copy of important files and images on a device away from your computer and regularly back this up, we can help you set this up on a USB stick, external hard drives or by taking advantage of the latest cloud storage websites, using cloud storage is secure and you’r able to access your data from personal phones or other devices like tablets or iPads. If the worst has already happened and you have lost important files and documents we can try to recover these using specialist software tools, this is not always possible and is dependent on the hard drive being in physical working condition.

Home WIFI internet & printer setup in Derby – If you have received your new internet router and find yourself struggling to connect to your computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Tablet or Printer, then contact us. We will send a friendly computer technician at a time that is convenient for you, we charge a fair flat fee for this service which will be agreed with the customer before attending the property or premises.

What is a laptop health check service? – Lots of smart customers are now requesting regular laptop checkups by us every six months or yearly, this is like having a service on your car and can ensure your computer is running safe and all vital security & windows patches are up to date, we can answer any queries or questions you may have regarding your installed software or email accounts, plus – we will also give the internal fans and vents a clean to prevent overheating issues.

We can replace faulty laptop screens & digitizers – If your laptop or notebook display is blank/flickering or damaged we can either repair or replace the screen with a brand new display/digitizer within 24 hours of collection, we will always try to use the original manufacturers highest quality materials in every repair, these brands are typically LG or Samsung sourced at the best price for the customer.

Faulty laptop batteries & DC power jack issues – Over time all laptops can experience problems charging or powering up, this could be due to the battery needing to be replaced, faulty power supply or the DC power jack becoming damaged or detached from the motherboard. We can help with all these issues and we have the in house experience to carry out the intricate installation of a new DC power jack sockets for customers in our Derby computer repair workshop.

HDD & SDD laptop hard drive faults – Its common for laptops to suffer from hard drive malfunctions over time, this is due them being moved about frequently at home or in cars when being used for business, or maybe you are looking to upgrade your current hard drive for extra storage space or to speed up the netbooks speed & performance. We can install and advise you on the best hardware for your laptop make & model as well as explaining the benefits of a traditional HDD or the new super-fast SSD drives.

Laptop wont switch on & BSOD error messages – Non booting laptops or those suffering from the dreaded BSOD (Blue screen of death) can be inspected and analysed by our team to determine if its a hardware or driver/software related issue, as we have seen these problems over many years we have the experience to identify and rectify the issue getting your equipment back to you sooner.

Keyboard & touchpad replacement for notebooks & laptops – Laptop Keyboards & touch pads take a real battering over time and may need to be replaced due to everyday wear and tear or water damage, we will get a replacement part and fit it for you so that your equipment will feel like a new.

Online laptop security setup service – We are seeing a rise in computer virus related issues on laptops & notebooks within the UK, these range from Spyware & malware infections to the ever increasing and dreaded ransomware attacks we are currently seeing in the news. We always recommend that customers use the best security software available and maintain preventative procedures from antivirus/firewall software to regular data backups on secure USB sticks or external hard drives.

Virus & spyware laptop removal service in Derby – In the event your equipment has been targeted we can help, we use the leading antivirus/malware/spyware removal tools and software to cleanse your laptop hard drive and retrieve important files and if necessary rebuild registry and key Windows files.

Overheating/slow running laptops – Fibres and dust from clothing and carpets will get inside laptops after several months or years of use, this can block airflow vents and CPU/GPU cooling fans, the result is an overheating motherboard & laptop. This can cause the computer to freeze or shutdown and can also cause permanent component damage and failure, we can professionally strip down your laptop and remove the build-up, removing airflow blockages results in cooling down the computers running temperatures and prolonging your equipment’s lifespan.